Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Friday

Well hello once again. Even some odd comments made by some random people could not bring me down because today is Friday! And what a glorious Friday it has been. To start off I got a little extra sleep because I hit the snooze button two too many times. But that didn't matter much, because there was practically no traffic to work so I actually got in 15 minutes early. There was ample to do at work today so the day has just flown by. Also it is payday so I went ahead and deposited that check which is always a nice feeling.

The weather is a little dreary but, being as I am in a great mood, I will look at the positive aspects of it. For one, the rain and lack of sun has cooled the temperature, which is a happy relief from the wicked humidity. Secondly, it will be nice to drive home with the windows down instead of using the AC in the car which wastes precious gas. I could rant about the gas prices but that will just damper my mood so I will save that for another time and day.

Also I have re-discovered the love of the classic video games (as if I ever lost interest in them). This past week my roomate has been playing a fair amount of the XBox (Tiger Woods Golf to be exact), so that takes up the only TV in the house. So I decided to join him in the video game department and open up my laptop and play some old school game via the emulators. They are quite a fun and nice way to wind down the evening. If you have never heard of them let me sum up, emulators is program that acts as console. The next step is to download ROM's that act as the games(Rom's and Emulators must be downloaded separately). Open up the emulator, then pick which game you want to play and BAM!, you got yourself a blast from the past. If you want to know more, I recommend going to , its the best site that I have found. Anyways there is my piece of advice for today. Take it for what its worth. And if you don't like it and want to write something negative, go ahead, because nothing can ruin this happy Friday!


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